Break them in before working them.

Feed your buffalo like you would any athlete.   (high quality horse hay & horse grain, if you can't get ahold of buffalo grains)

They are very intelligent, if they aren't working for you, chances are it's not them.

Please call us for any help. # 940-612-0192

Rhonda & Boo Boo 1991
Do buffalo ever charge a horse ?
Yes, however they always have a good  reason.
(reasons for aggressive behavior)

1. They have been hurt or scared by a horse.

2. They are sick or are getting sick.

3. Lameness, it is in there nature to fight when they feel vulnerable.

Expose them to the horse and the arena with no pressure, then leave them alone for awhile.
Roseanne, she was our all time favorite.
She seemed to know what we wanted , great for the babies. She would slow down and wait for them to catch up, when we were through with her, she would walk up and stand with us like one of the gang.
Are horses scared of buffalo ?

I have had more horses spook from a flag or other mechanical devises. The two horses I felt were a little scared of them, were over it by the second work.

Are they difficult to keep in ?

They are far and away easier to have around than cattle. You just have to know your buffalo basics. Buffalo have a lot of similarities to sheep. They like to be in a group. If they do get out they will come back to the rest of the herd.

Will they give my cattle diseases ?

It is more likely that the cattle will give the buffalo diseases. I have had very little death loss when I have purchased quality calves from a knowledgeable producer. Stress will play a big part in the health of the new calves. Maintaining a low stress environment and taking time to destress theses animals will save you time and money in the long run.

Can you worked them out of a straight herd of buffalo ?

Yes, after they are very broke or you can work them out of the middle in a big round pen.

How long do they last ?

Depends on how they are started. Our buffalo are very usable for at least one year. About half of them would be excellent for working cow horses after that.

Can you change an aggressive buffalo ?

Yes, but not 100% of the time. Remember your buffalo basics. They are prey animals, any method that is based on release and positive re-enforcement has worked much better than methods based on negative reinforcement. Watch their eye. The buffalo that are irreversibly aggressive represent a very small percentage group, about 5%.

Do you really have to break them in ?
Out of the hundreds of calves I have started and or broke, 30-50% of them would have been good buffalo without the extra work. The other 50-70% would have been unusable, never stopping or turning into the horse and would have never slowed down enough to be an effective training aid. Our method improves your odds and extends the useful life of the buffalo as training aids.

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